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A simple guide for body and mind focus, energy and motivation maintenance, stress and depression overcoming, and effective decision making.




The rule of 80/20. We try to isolate 20 % that bring us 80 % of the total result during our work process and tasks. Focus on them. In the beginning, let’s write down these points in order not to forget them and keep concentrated.
Focus on the most important things. We reduce the influence of non-important elements that clog us up rather than concentrate. Prioritize daily, weekly and monthly tasks and dedicate most of your time to them. By throwing excess waste from your head we optimize not only what we do, but our own life.

Know the result before the beginning. The ability to determine the effect helps to optimize our time and evaluate mental resources which we will use.

Make a book “The store of ideas.” Start writing it right away. This is the place that will collect all of your experiences and thoughts that may occur during lunch or morning jogging.

Do not make regular decisions. What to wear or what to eat are the decisions that do not require your reflection or time.

Learn to ignore. People, surrounding, noise or something else. Log in to the stream and “keep it tight”.
Make drafts. You will never create anything from the first time. It’s hard to edit a blank sheet of paper, so in any case, do not forget to throw in several items at once, then edit those that already exist or, at all, try something completely new.




Limit answers to emails. Check mail in the morning and evening. No more than two times a day. Do not waste more than half an hour on it. The answer to one email is a minute, if more, do not hurry with the answer. Skip it and come back to it later.

Turn off notifications. Do not respond to the routine, it steals your time. If this is not critical, they will write a letter, if it is critical, they will call again and then it is worth lifting the handset. Do not forget, it is critically important for you not to fall out of the workflow.

Use shortcuts. Most of the banal functions are performed by a combination of keys that do not steal your time. Get started with the basic operations and go to the programs you use more often.




Start with simple things. Do them right away and in the first place. When you complete the simplest tasks, it will give you additional energy to complete harder ones.

Prioritize 1 thing. Give yourself a mega-important task, and so every day you do something that will lift you one step higher in your development. It will organize your everyday things and you will perform them automatically without spending more time than you need.

No meetings, if they are not important. Do not waste your time on it. Personal meetings are needed to make critical decisions. All the rest can be done by mail.




If you cannot write something down – use a voice recorder. Turn on a voice recorder – it’s 5 seconds, donate them, but do not lose your thoughts. You may need them in the future.

Visualize your final product. Keep this picture in your head permanently and then you will reach it sooner, make it real, or surpass it.

Build mind maps. Draw a map, visualize the problem and you will see a corridor for the solution. Everything is simple, do not be afraid to draw your thoughts and ideas, on the contrary – visualize the final product in order to see the target you want to achieve clarity.

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