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How you spend your morning determines how you spend the day. We will tell you how to maximize the morning routine to achieve phenomenal productivity.

Denys Zhadanov, SMO of one of the most successful and most well-known Ukrainian grocery companies Readdle has created a roadmap of his own morning, which he uses daily to perform at his maximum power. He has shared his blog on Medium, and we have chosen the most important tips for you.

The main motto – “Ideas are not worth anything, it all depends on the implementation”. Further, we will talk about how to set yourself for the most productive morning every day.

1. Change the position of your body

You just woke up – do not stay in bed. Do not procrastinate or spit on the ceiling. Get up, go have a shower. Take a cold and hot showers shifts, every change for thirty seconds and at least three times. This exercise will release adrenaline into your blood and awake you completely.

2. Do not check your phone or mail

Do not overload your brain in the morning. You need it at its maximum later. Your task is to wake it up, so do not be distracted by social networks, calls or e-mails. All this will wait.

3. Jog

This is the best exercise for the beginning of the day. Believe me, this will not only burn your calories or bring you to the caste of “the runners”, it activates those areas in your brain that continue to sleep. Remember, your main morning task is to wake the brain, not to overload it. This is comparable to the warming up a process of a car on a winter morning. You warm up all the important elements in order to keep the car up to the maximum.

4. Eat

Breakfast is the most important meal of a day. Your body digest food best in the morning, so do not miss breakfast. It will keep your energy balance at the right level before dinner so that you can carry out your tasks without distracting yourself from the sounds of hunger from the stomach.

5. Write

And even better, make a limit up to 500 words. Brevity is a sister of talent, but it will also make you speak only about the most important things and avoid “water” in your writing. After jogging and activating the parts of the brain which are still asleep, your brain will begin to throw out hundreds of thoughts, dozens of “I have to do” and “do not forget to do” things. Write down these thoughts, segment them. This will discipline you and help to improve your writing.

6. Plan

Ideally, from the evening of the previous day, you would have a short plan of tasks for the next day. In the morning, you need to refine and prioritize the list.

  • Select the tasks that are the most important for today. Focus on them.
  • Make three lists – “to do”, “view it later” and “do it later”.
  • Make a NOT TO DO list.
  • Remind yourself to respond to letters twice a day.
  • Do not pick up the phone. Only in critical cases.
  • Wear headphones so that people or your environment do not distract you. Classical music is the best way to activate brain waves.
  • Try to do what you love, or do it as you like.
  • Remember to disable all notifications.
  • Meditate, especially when you can not find an answer, and a mind map does not help. Making a list of your accomplishments per day to train yourself for the perception of positive information.


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