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Analytics in digital marketing

Let’s talk about:
❏ Google Analytics: settings, events, goals, e-commerce;
❏ Traffic analysis: segmentation, sources;
❏ Advertising effectiveness: tagging, Google AdWords connection, attribution;
❏ Analysis of the behavior of visitors: thermal maps, recording sessions;
❏ Google Tag Manager and how it can make life easier;
❏ Cohort analysis;
❏ Data collection outside of Google Analytics;
❏ Tools for visualizing data and statistics.

Your result:
You will understand what kind of web analytics it is and how it can help with the work. With the workshop you can improve your expertise in using tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as learn how to collect and visualize data from various sources.

Denys Tkalich – Analyst in Reply. Previously, Petcube’s E-Commerce Manager.

+38 (096) 832 44 60