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Brilliance And Baseness Of A Leader

– What does trust in the team really affect?
– How to act to build trust and what destroys it?
– How to become the best boss and get the best result from teamwork?
– How to make confidence part of the culture, preserving it even in a crisis situation?

“Throughout my activities, I have repeatedly convinced that trust is a key prerequisite for the effective work of the team. They create and destroy specific decisions and actions. I will share my experience and plan to be as open as possible. Let’s talk just about the difficult ability to build and maintain team confidence for productivity, creativity, development. ”

Natalia Kuba – Head of Training and Development at SoftServe. Developed and taught the course “Teamwork and Presentation Skills” for students “Internet of Things” program at LPNU / Internet of Things. In Lviv IT School (LITS) she helps HR-s in IT acquire the function of learning and development.

+38 (096) 832 44 60