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Startup Depot

Facebook Advertising: Best Practices

Startup Depot. Lviv Business Incubator continues a series of fall events from Lviv Digital Marketing School!
October 6-7 will be titled “Facebook Advertising: Best Practices”

Christina Pototskaya – Growth Product Manager at RetargetApp – Facebook Adtelligence for Shopify.
Competent in retrieval and remarketing topics. As a product development manager, over 4 years successfully launched over 100 products for e-commerce websites.
Also, Christina is the voice of RetargetApp. He was a speaker of more than 100 events in the US, Europe and Asia. Among them were Meet Magento in the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Romania, Predictive Analytics World in London and San Francisco, Global Predictive Analytics Conference in Santa Clara CA, eComExpo (Spain), Webit Summit (Bulgaria, Turkey), Wolves Summit (Poland), IT Arena (Ukraine).
She is confident that “digital marketing rules and data is the king.”

During the speech we will talk about:
❏ Campaign Objectives and features of setting up different types of advertising campaigns
❏ Targeting and placement
❏ Advertising formats
❏ Daily Budget and Optimization Goal
❏ Bid strategy
❏ Campaign Analytics

Workshop: Create and customize Facebook advertising campaigns based on Facebook Best Practices (everyone will create an advertising campaign for their business, work with creativity, copywriting, budget, placements, etc.).

Thanks to the workshop you will learn:
❏ Run effective advertising campaigns based on best practice from Facebook
❏ Effectively distribute your budget and manage your misfortunes
❏ Analyze statistics and optimize ad campaign settings
The presence of your own laptop is a must!

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