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SEO and promotional projects for English-speaking markets

Let’s talk about:
❏ SEO Specifics for English-speaking Markets;
❏ Technical optimization;
❏ Writing and optimizing content;
❏ Linkbuilding;
❏ Tools that will make life easier for you 🙂

Your result:
The workshop will help you understand the differences in promoting websites in the English-speaking market, giving you an insight into what works and what’s not. Will help in building a promotion strategy, as well as give practical tips on tools.

Marianna Smiyan is a marketing director at Daxx, a digital marketing strategist. More than 8 years in B2B marketing technology companies, such as outsourcing (Daxx, SoftServe, N-iX), and grocery projects. Data lover.

+38 (096) 832 44 60