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Setting Goals Workshop

Goals’ clarity – an important factor in achieving success, the ability to set goals – a part of managerial skills. The goal motivates, directs, supports, helps to make decisions, adds meaning – affects practically all aspects of an activity. At the same time, practically all our personal peculiarities are manifested in working with goals, and through the reverse process – as well as what I set goals – you can learn a lot about yourself.

This master class is for you if:
❏ You have many things, tasks, projects, and there is not enough time for them
❏ You feel at a crossroads and do not know where to go
❏ You do not have enough motivation to start or continue
❏ You just love setting goals

The master class is held by Natalka Shpot, an organizational consultant, coach, teacher of the Lviv Business School.

+38 (096) 832 44 60