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❏ What are the prospects for working on the Upwork Exchange?
❏ How to work with many clients at the same time and not adjust?
❏ How to get more with the same efforts?
❏ How to save time and make projects easier?

Already on Feb. 5, we will talk about the benefits of working on Upwork, how to start working on the stock exchange, how to build system work with customers, and will cover Upwork marketing and task management. Also, thanks to Maxim’s experience, we will find out the key Upwork Khaks to automate the work process.

Maxym Slobodyanyuk – Marketing Automation Expert at DataBro.pro, the Top Rated Freelancer at the Upwork Exchange. Behind Maxim has 2+ years of experience on the exchange, 50+ clients, 1500+ hours of work, 40K + income. Exited from 0 to $ 4000 + per month in a new niche, works with three regular customers and has a good deal of new ones.

+38 (096) 832 44 60