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  1. April 14th, 2018

    Analytics in digital marketing

    Let’s talk about:
    ❏ Google Analytics: settings, events, goals, e-commerce;
    ❏ Traffic analysis: segmentation, sources;
    ❏ Advertising effectiveness: tagging, Google AdWords connection, attribution;
    ❏ Analysis of the behavior of visitors: thermal maps, recording sessions;
    ❏ Google Tag Manager and how it can make life easier;
    ❏ Cohort analysis;
    ❏ Data collection outside of Google Analytics;
    ❏ Tools for visualizing data and statistics.

    Your result:
    You will understand what kind of web analytics it is and how it can help with the work. With the workshop you can improve your expertise in using tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, as well as learn how to collect and visualize data from various sources.

    Denys Tkalich – Analyst in Reply. Previously, Petcube’s E-Commerce Manager.

  2. April 17th, 2018

    Components of successful sales strategies

    Let’s talk about:
    ❏ What is a sales strategy;
    ❏ Why build a sales strategy;
    ❏ From which elements it consists of;
    ❏ What key competencies should people who are involved with;
    ❏ What should be considered when building a sales strategy.

    You will learn about the sale of services and services. Where to start the process of building any product and service. And how to make these things systemic, successful, predictable and predictable.

    Orysya Sklyar – CEO and Founder of Zozoola (, Director of Business Development (BD) at Lviv IT School, a standing speaker at BD and Sales Conferences.

  3. April 21st, 2018

    SEO and promotional projects for English-speaking markets

    Let’s talk about:
    ❏ SEO Specifics for English-speaking Markets;
    ❏ Technical optimization;
    ❏ Writing and optimizing content;
    ❏ Linkbuilding;
    ❏ Tools that will make life easier for you 🙂

    Your result:
    The workshop will help you understand the differences in promoting websites in the English-speaking market, giving you an insight into what works and what’s not. Will help in building a promotion strategy, as well as give practical tips on tools.

    Marianna Smiyan is a marketing director at Daxx, a digital marketing strategist. More than 8 years in B2B marketing technology companies, such as outsourcing (Daxx, SoftServe, N-iX), and grocery projects. Data lover.

  4. August 16th, 2018

    Financial Perspective of Business

    Startup Depot. Lviv Business Incubator continues to invite a variety of interesting people, professionals who are ready to share your experience and practical skills!

    – What are finance and how to manage them?
    – At what stage do financial issues arise?
    – How do missions, visions and strategies turn into numbers?
    – Why is finance only one of the four “corners” of business, while not the main thing?
    – Are planning and budgeting needed at all?
    – How Not to Become a Successful Living Business in a Bureaucratic Office?

    After attending the event, you will get an understanding of the fundamentals of financial management and its place in the business model, the synergy of combining different approaches to building processes, understanding the principles of planning and analyzing key indicators of business success.

    Konstantin Yerokhin – Candidate of Science (Economics), Certified Financial Manager (CIMA Cert PM), CFO Intellias, Associate Professor at the Department of Business Administration and Project Management at the University of Economics and Law “KROK”. 19 years of experience in accounting and finance, business coach, tax consultant, author of more than 150 articles and 10 books on accounting, taxation, financial management.

  5. August 21st, 2018

    Crisis Management In Hardcore Projects

    – How does the idea become a reality?
    – How to collect people around us – “Swiss knives” to work the business?
    – What stages are the most complicated in their own business and how not to lose their hands?
    – Strategic planning in the company as the basis of everything.

    On August 21, you will get answers to these and other questions for better understanding the various aspects of doing business.

    Roman Bakhovskyy – founder and CEO of Cosmos prefab.

    Since 2014, Roman has been engaged in the reform of several fundamental structures in Ukraine: he has created a new patrol service, and has introduced elements of modern HRM into the police cadre, created investment management within the structure of the Lviv Regional Administration, reformed the customs and unit in the structure of the Odessa customs.

  6. September 4th, 2018

    How to manage finance?

    Last two years we are fully engaged with Global Financial World and learned a lot of global trends and what is going on inside of every trend. At the same time we are deep dive into Software Development. From those activities we developed topic about “how to manage finance”. We will go through basic understanding of key items of corporate finance, like: Revenue, Profit, Expenses, ROI, etc. Main focus of management finance for business or project and clear difference between accounting and financial management. As an extra item we will talk a little about “Behavior economic” and how it impacts our financial decisions.


    Ivan Leshko: These days I’m holding position VP of Financial Services at SoftServe. I have over 14 years of experience in IT outsourcing and 10 years of Business Development and Management. During last 10 years I’m spending months every year abroad. I work with very mature and smart people from Western companies and I learned a lot. In 2017 I released my book “Common Sense по-українськи”. This book was written to develop more leaders in Ukraine and to lead the Ukrainian nation closer toward the Western World. Last two years I’m leading Financial Services Vertical at SoftServe. It provides me amazing ability to work and talk with people who leads Global Financial System and understand global trends from inside.

    Andriy Kanyuka: Last two years I’m leading Financial Management for big part of business at SoftServe and Hold Financial Partner role. I have overall 8 years’ experience of Financial Management and before worked for huge enterprise company. My professional skills are based on building financial models for different type of projects and type of deals, budget management for global companies and ongoing financial management.

  7. September 25th, 2018

    Setting Goals Workshop

    Goals’ clarity – an important factor in achieving success, the ability to set goals – a part of managerial skills. The goal motivates, directs, supports, helps to make decisions, adds meaning – affects practically all aspects of an activity. At the same time, practically all our personal peculiarities are manifested in working with goals, and through the reverse process – as well as what I set goals – you can learn a lot about yourself.

    This master class is for you if:
    ❏ You have many things, tasks, projects, and there is not enough time for them
    ❏ You feel at a crossroads and do not know where to go
    ❏ You do not have enough motivation to start or continue
    ❏ You just love setting goals

    The master class is held by Natalka Shpot, an organizational consultant, coach, teacher of the Lviv Business School.

  8. October 6th, 2018

    Facebook Advertising: Best Practices

    Startup Depot. Lviv Business Incubator continues a series of fall events from Lviv Digital Marketing School!
    October 6-7 will be titled “Facebook Advertising: Best Practices”

    Christina Pototskaya – Growth Product Manager at RetargetApp – Facebook Adtelligence for Shopify.
    Competent in retrieval and remarketing topics. As a product development manager, over 4 years successfully launched over 100 products for e-commerce websites.
    Also, Christina is the voice of RetargetApp. He was a speaker of more than 100 events in the US, Europe and Asia. Among them were Meet Magento in the Netherlands, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Romania, Predictive Analytics World in London and San Francisco, Global Predictive Analytics Conference in Santa Clara CA, eComExpo (Spain), Webit Summit (Bulgaria, Turkey), Wolves Summit (Poland), IT Arena (Ukraine).
    She is confident that “digital marketing rules and data is the king.”

    During the speech we will talk about:
    ❏ Campaign Objectives and features of setting up different types of advertising campaigns
    ❏ Targeting and placement
    ❏ Advertising formats
    ❏ Daily Budget and Optimization Goal
    ❏ Bid strategy
    ❏ Campaign Analytics

    Workshop: Create and customize Facebook advertising campaigns based on Facebook Best Practices (everyone will create an advertising campaign for their business, work with creativity, copywriting, budget, placements, etc.).

    Thanks to the workshop you will learn:
    ❏ Run effective advertising campaigns based on best practice from Facebook
    ❏ Effectively distribute your budget and manage your misfortunes
    ❏ Analyze statistics and optimize ad campaign settings
    The presence of your own laptop is a must!

  9. November 15th, 2018

    Facilitation Framework

    One of the main tasks of business analytics is to communicate with all stakeholders in the most effective way and find a solution even in the most uncertain and incomprehensible situations. And the business environment is usually very uncertain and incomprehensible, and only experienced field experts at least understand something. But their knowledge is hidden somewhere deep inside, and only business analytical magic can get them and turn them into solutions.

    Facilitation Framework will help you:
    ❏ Grab your clients, help them open, tell about their needs and find solutions to their problems in a very easy and easy way;
    ❏ Use business analytics techniques in a facilitative process with your client;
    ❏ Use the thinking design approach to in-depth analysis of the root causes of client issues.

    Speaker – Iryna Kriuchkova

    Irina is a business analyst with 12 years of experience in business analysis. He worked mainly in a financial domain with large companies and government organizations on long-term projects with a fixed budget. Now, in addition to business
    analytical tasks, develops business analytical competence within the organization, develops training programs and conducts trainings.

    Irina is certified as CBAP (Certified Business Analyst Professional), CSPO (Certified Scrum Product Owner), SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Aglient.

    Also participated in the opening of the Kiev branch of IIBA®, organized the first BABOK Study Group in Ukraine. Now Irina is a Vice-President of the Kyiv Branch of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

  10. January 17th, 2019

    10 Content Writer’s Fails

    Actually write a good text oh as it is not easy. During this event we will discuss 10 sins of content writers, who writes in English. Let’s talk about finding and analyzing information, “ukrenglish”, text value and much more.

    The event will be useful to anyone who works with English texts, in particular for:
    ❏ marketers;
    ❏ content writers;
    ❏ copywriters;
    ❏ SMM’s;
    ❏ bloggers.
    Victoria Bezsmolna – founder and editor of freelance content racing agency Raccoon Writing. Her specialization is writing quality English texts for Ukrainian IT companies. For 6 years of work in IT Victoria has gained experience as a technical writer, marketer, PR and, of course, content writer.

    More about the event here .