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At a time when the world has moved to remote work, self-education is gaining great popularity. As people save time on getting to/from work and someone even has more days off, it has become very popular to spend free time studying and improving skills or even acquiring new professions. And if demand grows, so does supply. Most offline schools or courses began to work online.

It means that opportunities for students are growing. At the same time, the difficulty of making the right decision grows: which online course is better to choose for yourself?

During the launch of Product School and Product Marketing School online, we thoroughly researched and analyzed the market.

So here are 5 tips to take into account when choosing an online course:

1.  Recording of the broadcast and access to educational materials 24/7. Learning from home assumes  that at any time you can be disturbed by household problems and distracted from current tasks. Or if you work from home and your free time does not coincide with the lecture schedule. Video recordings will be useful if you want to consolidate the material passed. It gives preference to online courses over classroom learning.

2.  Online support, feedback. When choosing a course, you should pay attention to how the studied information is checked, whether teachers are available to you during the course. It will be a plus if during the course you have a common chat with other students and teachers, where you can communicate informally, create a professional community and share information.

3.  Detailed program. The program can be available on the website or on social networks. But if you don’t find it – contact the curator to get a detailed program. In addition to describing the topics and teachers of the course, the program should explain its goals and expected results, the level of difficulty and the required materials that the student must know before the beginning of the course.

4.  Group size. Smaller group size helps to increase personal feedback from teachers. It is hoped that in groups with fewer students, you can get answers and assessments in time. The optimal number of students in a group is considered to be 10-15 people.

5.  Practical tasks. No matter how well you know traffic rules, you won’t become a good driver without the practice of driving. And so is in any profession. If you decide to study a new profession, then only in practice you can best understand whether it suits you. Don’t forget to make sure that your results will be commented on by the teachers.

Online education is a very convenient and useful tool for human self-development in the 21st century.
But be careful when choosing the right course, so as not to waste time and money.

+38 (063) 874 80 25