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How to find an office for yourself or a company with the lowest use of resources and time, but the greatest profit

We have prepared the list of several points, which will help you to choose suitable office space in Lviv. Start with:

  • Budget. From and to, at least a year.
  • Location. The place where the office is located is important not only for the needs of the team but also for customers who will definitely want to visit you.
  • Growth. Take into account additional flaws of people that might join the team during your stay in a new office.
  • Technical Specificity. Internet and available equipment that may be needed (printers, scanners, shredders).
  • Logistics. Transport connection (public transport, rail and bus terminals, airport, post office), bicycle and car parking/

What’s on the market in Lviv?













Lviv is a city of history and culture, but it is not a city where you can easily find an office for your business or team. The market is not very saturated, something that is on the market does not always meet the needs and goals. We have listed several office centers and coworking spaces, which you can immediately pay attention to and form a short list of the best office space to choose from.

Optima Plaza Business Center

Address – Naukova street 7D, Lviv
Class – A
Contact telephone number – 032 224 46 07, 067 341 22 82

Now the business center is a home for some of the largest IT companies on the Ukrainian market – Intellias and Sigma Software. The convenient location relatively close to the city center (20 minutes by public transport) and transport connections (railway station, airport and bus station) is a huge advantage of the office center.

Emerald Business Center

Address – Petrushevych Square 3, Lviv
Class – B +
Contact telephone number – 032 294 90 80, 032 276 27 59, 067 672 67 20

Emerald wins with its unique location in the very heart of the city and relatively inexpensive renting. However, due to the location, there is a problem with the parking lots (like cars and bikes), which are not enough.

Rius Business Center

Address – Akademika Gnatyuk Street 12a, Lviv
Class – A
Contact telephone number – 032 297 18 78, 096 955 44 33

The business center is a 3 min walk from the Rynok Square, with its own car park and restaurant on the ground floor. The only thing that scares away is the cost of renting. Also, the parking is open everyone, so there are not so many free parking lots.

Tech Park Business City

Address – Heroiv UPA 72, Lviv
Class – B
Contact telephone number – 032 297 71 75, 067 67 13 005

The Tech Park is a 10 min walk from the main railway station, 10 min by car to the airport, and a 30 min walk to the city center. The business center has several dining options, as well as a gym and a swimming pool called Sport Life. Again, there is a problem with car and bicycle parking lots.

Legenda Class Business Center

Address – Shevchenka 111 A, Lviv
Class – A
Contact telephone number – 032 244 08 23, 050 337 57 03

The Legendа Class is a 10 min walk from the main railway station with a large car parking and a shopping center on the ground floor. It is now a home for such IT companies as Ciklum, COI and Tickets.ua.

Big car and bicycle parking. 20 min walk to the center. Sufficiently high rent, it is impossible to rent small rooms for teams up to 20 people.

How much space do you need?















1. Calculate the number of potential employees during the term of the rent. Ideally, before the end of the rental period, your premise must be two-thirds filled by workers.

2. Choose premises, that have more useful floor space. Choose an office so that it can be cosmetically modified to optimize the space or the one where it has already been taken into account.

3. Try to make an agreement so that you have the right to extend. Your advantage is a long-term rent. This is the point where you can insist on more value-added for yourself. In particular, lay the point about the extension of the rental space on certain terms, as well as discounts and pricing policy, which might not be fixed due to the exchange rate.

Coworking vs Business center



Coworking is a creative environment that unites people with common views, ideas and work. In fact, in Lviv it is an environment where you can find a convenient place to work as a freelancer or a small company / startup.

A coworking space runs all the administrative issues and save your time, while you just have to work and pay a fixed price without any worries and distraction on other things than your job. However, this is not only a place for work or communication with others. Coworkings should also provide educational content. Creating this particular added value builds a community and ecosystem around it.

Due to the educational component, we can highlight the Startup Depot coworking space in Lviv.

Location – Vesnyana 4, Lviv (lateral street from Zamarstynivska-Lipinsky)
Contact telephone number – 096 832 44 60

Startup Depot organizes its own product training curriculum and senior management marketing programs. These courses, in particular, are designed for the residents in order to deepen their skills in these areas.

Product School is a practical course that will teach you how to create IT products: solving customer problems; working in a team; the processes of developing and launching the product on the market.

The audience of the project – startups founders, product managers with more than one year experience, heads of business, technical and design departments.

DMS is a digital marketing school for IT industry professionals. The program is designed to study and formulate a marketing strategy, work on analytics and work with related tools.

The audience of the project – marketers from product or outsourcing IT companies, startups CEOs and founders. More than one year experience required.

Here you can find several private rooms for teams up to 7 people and offices for medium-sized teams up to 60 people. Also, freelancers can find a place in the open-space for themselves. The rental fee is lower than in business centers several times, and there already is an office equipment (except special equipment), gaming zone, negotiation and meeting room and a kitchen.

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