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Startup School by Startup Depot
a free pre-acceleration program for very early stage startups.



3 month
Launch your own startup!
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The program includes:
  • a basic theoretical course from Rist, Prometheus and a practical part of 11 stages with tasks;
  • webinars and mentoring from Ukrainian startups;
  • the traction month that will help you find clients before the program is over;
  • support and mentoring at all stages of the program;
  • cool network.
You should register for the program if:
  • you have an inspiring idea;
  • you are ready to prioritize work on your idea for the period of participation in Startup School;
  • able to allocate +-15 hours per week during the entire program;
  • your team consists of 2 or more people (will be an advantage).

Main results


Training Sets

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Key Milestones


Forming an idea


Market analysis and ICP


Customer development


Business model


Way to MVP




Legal aspects




Startup presentation


Traction month


Demo day

Business guru. Lecturers & mentors of the Startup School

Ivan Dmytrasevych

CEO at Startup Depot & Lviv Tech Angels

Natalia Marina

CEO & co-founder at Noty

Julia Ovcharenko

СЕО & co-founder at Numo ADHD

Ivan Osadchyy

CEO & co-founder at Knopka

Anastasia Romanova

CEO & co-founder at Mosqitter

Viacheslav Levchenko

CEO & co-founder at Vanongo

Oleksandr Reminnyi

IT entrepreneur, author of the "Startup Kitchen" channel

Julia Bialetska

СЕО & co-founderO at S.Lab

Vitaliy Sydorenko

CEO & co-founder at LOOQME & Jiffsy

Egor Kurguzov

Co-founder & CEO at Custle / CPO at Salo & Yope

Iryna Savytska

СЕО & co-founder at Bank of Memories

Oleg Bolotnov

СЕО & co-founder at Gradual.io

Denys Beregovyi

Partner & co-founder at Axon Partners

Sofia Brutsyak

Legal Counsel at TA Venrures

Dima Samoiliuk

СЕО & co-founder at Zeely AI

Zhenya Gusarov

CEO & Founder at Gusarov Startup Studio

Feedback from participants

Khrystyna Baranova
Startup: Szukaj skład
WINNER of set 18
I am grateful to Startup School by Startup Depot for the cool experience and knowledge on launching startups. The mentors were well chosen, with a lot of really good information for an effective start. I am very grateful to the entire Startup School by Startup Depot team and participants for their feedback! In 2023, my startup managed to win and get a good prize, we are working on it!
Oleksandr Vrublevskyi
Startup: Komirka
Participant of set 18
I am a participant of the 18th edition of Startup School by Startup Depot, and I can confidently say that it is a fast and effective way to get into the startup ecosystem. The program provides a fundamental course in idea validation, business model development, user experience, and first tracking. Mentoring support and the opportunity to communicate with experienced entrepreneurs help you focus on real problems and find solutions. During the program, I not only took steps in developing my idea, but also met interesting and useful people. Even if you don't succeed in launching your own product, you will still get a great experience. I definitely recommend it!
Vladislav Kalyuzhka
Startup: eXtra Vision
Participant of set 18
Startup school by Startup depot is an incredibly cool incubation program for early-stage startups. Thanks to the organizer and carefully selected mentors, we went from a team that knew absolutely nothing about the startup ecosystem to pitching to real, expert investors. I recommend participating in the next batches of the program and bringing your ideas to life.
Oleksandr Romanets
Participant of set 18
I participated in the Startup School by Startup Depo program with my startup. I was very pleased with the organization, the selection of mentors, and the overall approach and attitude of this incubator. The atmosphere is extremely positive and result-oriented. The theory was always emphasized with practical advice and necessary tasks. It was a very cool thing and helped me a lot in the next steps of my startup. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Alexander PROFI MOVING
Anastasiia Loiko
Startup: EasyGo
Participant of set 18
I graduated from Startup School by Startup Depot in the fall of 2023. I really liked this incubation program from Startup Depot, thanks to it I had a clear understanding of the beginning of the path to creating my startup. I am very grateful for the indifference, for the development of Ukrainian startups and the community in this area!
Vladyslav Klymenko
Startup: Bliss Brain
Participant of set 17
I took the Startup Depot course in 2023 and was pleasantly surprised by the level of mentors and tasks. Everyone who taught - real CEOs or people who built products 👍 Despite the fact that I already had a product background, I learned a lot here, from conducting a castdev to attracting investments. If you are a first-time founder or want to become one, apply, don't even think about it
Gleb Zyuzin
Startup: BUD TUT
Participant of set 17
If you want to go from an idea to the first steps in the life of your startup and clearly understand what you will do tomorrow and next year, this is the place for you! 😉 Do not delay and work) Summer/2023
Kateryna Yushchenko
Startup: Wine Judge
Participant of set 17
During 2.5 months of training at StartUp School, the WineJudge team overcame the path from idea validation to creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and a Pitch Deck for a potential investor. We started with intensive market research and gathering feedback from potential customers, and now we have a ready-made product that meets real needs. We hope that Pitch Deck will help you attract investment and realize your business idea to its full extent.
Volodymyr Petryna
Startup: Identia
WINNER of set 17
Startup School from Startup Depot is, in my opinion, the best platform for implementing the first but most productive steps from concept to creating a truly valuable product. This program is characterized by good mentors and an optimized structure, which together ensure maximum efficiency and minimize possible mistakes (or at least reduce the time needed to realize them 😅). Startup Depot is really about rapid development and radical change
Maria Dzubiy
Startup: AppStyle
WINNER of set 15
A week before the start of Startup School, my friend and I had an idea for a startup and we decided to apply for training! Today we pitched our AppStyle project to investors and took 1st place and became the winners of this issue of Startup School (spring-winter 2023). Therefore, do not be afraid to go to Startup School with just an idea. During two months of intensive training, we worked on our idea, received a lot of valuable advice from mentors and even attracted our first client! I recommend this school to everyone who has an idea for a startup and who wants to work on it qualitatively and get valuable advice from the owners of already existing and successful startups. There are very practical lectures, interesting speakers, and a lot of homework...
Oksana Holovachova
Startup: Cat Concierge
Participant of set 15
I attended the winter-spring 2023 program, this is my first program and I am very pleased that this program became my introduction to the startup world. There were very interesting sessions with already practicing entrepreneurs who told what they had done in practice, and not as written in articles. I found many interesting people and projects, I communicate with some of them, also Vladyslav was very attentive to details and navigation through the program. I got the impression that everyone wanted to help and support me and I felt not alone, but with a very good community with the same goals. I also had a change of thinking to a more rapid one because I talked to many startups and saw how they really do their projects.
Artur Shepelev
Startup: Orin
Participant of set 15
We took part in the winter-spring 2023 acceleration program. The program is designed as step-by-step as possible and with personal mentoring. Helps to structure information about the startup and step-by-step to reach MVP and first customers. This program is perfect if you have an idea, preferably a team and a desire to work quickly and develop. For those who have a developed idea and already have an MVP, you will not get much new. This program gave us an impetus for faster implementation. Therefore, if you have motivation but sometimes procrastination is enough, this program is definitely for you, because the environment and new knowledge that will drive you will definitely be present😉
Yuriy Baloha
Startup: Anna
Participant of set 13
Studied in 2022, summer-autumn. The only thing I will say is that here I polished the project so much that the question of success is only time. I am sincerely grateful for the experience of mentors, live cases and a cool training program. With the next project, I will first of all knock here.
Bogdan Gutyria
Startup: VideoQuiz
Participant of set 13
I was lucky when my cofounder advised me to apply to Lviv Startup Depot. At that time, I had no idea how to build a startup, how to calculate a business model, how to find investors, how to pitch my startup, etc. And the mentors from Lviv Startup Depot covered all these questions. Very cool format, full immersion - there are general lectures, homework, personal mentoring and additional meetings. That's why I and my VideoQuiz when I entered and when I left training are two different people. And two different startups. Therefore, when VideoQuiz becomes a billion-dollar company and we make an exit, I will gladly remember the guys from Lviv Startup Depot and thank them
Alexandra Lishchinskaya
Startup: Change
Participant of set 13
I attended the summer-autumn school in 2022. I am extremely glad that the organizers of the school gave me such a wonderful opportunity to immerse myself in the world of startups, meet and work with really cool mentors, get a lot of high-quality feedback and prepare for the main thing - communicating with investors and holding my first pitch! To everyone who dreams of bringing their idea to life - enroll in school, and study, study, and study again)
Vira Filatov
Startup: Vacuum Gravity Energy
WINNER of set 13
Vacuum Gravity Energy is grateful to everyone who worked hard with us throughout the training! Incredible mentors who grew our start-up with us. Invaluable tips, which we of course used during the final pitch 😉, we continue to apply. And the most important thing is the feeling of support, which is invaluable at an early stage. We recommend this program to start-ups!!! It is true that you only pay for the necessary knowledge and support with your time. And it's worth it
Sergii Chaika
Startup: GetOrder
WINNER of set 12
Thanks to the school for the preparation! I learned the answers to many questions that were previously unanswerable. The school fully prepares for public activity, and helps make your project correct and interesting for investors The startup received angel investment from Oleksandr Reminny - who was an investor, mentor and jury member at the spring-summer school. Don't miss your chance either)
Natalia Larikova
Startup: Liveness detection
Participant of set 12
She attended school in the summer of 2022. She received a big boost in the development of her product. The mentors were very thorough in their feedback, which really helped to quickly improve the product. It also gave me an impetus to register in European and American start-up acceleration. The school allowed you to see your own gaps, just like the founder and find the person who closed them. I also found a client and possibly a partner at the school, so I recommend it to everyone
Ivan Ilchenko
Startup: Facing
Participant of set 12
I went through the spring-summer 2022 program. During this time, views on how to develop a product have changed significantly. I really liked the recommended literature, the number of topics covered, and interesting mentors with successful experience. At a minimum, you should participate in the program because of them.
Vladyslav Golyakov
Startup: G-LITE
Participant of set 12
Studied spring-summer 2022 It is very cool that even in wartime conditions, mentors try their best to pump up the startup movement in our country. I really liked everything, although our startup turned out to be unviable, we were able to find out right here at Startupschool Many thanks to Ivan and Vlad for the well-structured presentation of the material and excellent moderation

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