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Lviv can be found on the 59th position on the ranking list of the best and most convenient places for work as a company or freelancer from the Nomadlist. Kyiv with its 15th posotion is the only Ukrainian city which is higher than Lviv. In total, the number of European cities which are in the top-60 is less than a third.

We have prepared the list of the best four coworking spaces of Lviv, stated their advantages and disadvantages, as well as some points why you will be comfortable to work there as a foreigner or a simple office or workspace resident.

iHUB Coworking Space



Shared (unfixed workplace) – 1499 UAH per month
Dedicated (fixed workplace) – 1899 UAH per month

Location – Zamknena 9, Lviv (door lock 270)

Working hours – 24/7

Manager’s working hours – Mon-Fri, 9 am – 6 pm

Manager’s contact telephone number – 050 430 02 62

Email –

iHub – provides startups with all of the necessary education and skills, mentoring support, investment attraction and high-quality infrastructure so that teams could focus on building their own business and have everything they need to succeed. iHUB is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, the operator of the iHUB project is the Seed Forum NPO.

Advantages: proximity to the city center and major transport connections (train and bus station in 20 minutes on foot), weekly events (about startups, IT management, UI/UX design, variety of meetups, including Pivorak, free legal support for IT from Axon Partners, stable high-speed Internet.

Disadvantages: high load, free space is hard to find, moderate-high price due to its location in the area of the city center.


ITEA Hub Coworking Space


1 hour – 50 UAH
1 day – 150 UAH
1 month – 1500 UAH (unfixed workplace), 1800 (fixed workplace), 2000 (private room)

Location – Heroiv UPA 80, Lviv

Working hours – 24/7

Manager’s working hours – 9 am – 6 pm

Contact telephone number – 094 993 60 32

Email –

ITEA Hub – a place for work, studies, and communication. Here you will find an incredible amount of ideas for inspiration and realization of your potential. The ITEA HUB opens its door to productive coworking, educational and cognitive activities: workshops, lectures on IT and business topics.

Advantages: IT Education courses with special conditions for its residents, ergonomic furniture, constant flow of events, including Fuckup Nights, 2 free events per month, the opportunity to bring a guest once per week for free, print of 20 pages per day, proximity to the airport and railway station (up to 20 minutes by car or by public transport).

Disadvantages: location – the distance from the city center is about an hour on foot, transport connection is not directly near the coworking space, to go to the center or to the remote areas you need to walk to the bus stop for 15 min first,moderate-high price due to its location, high prices for attending additional events.


Coworking space/anti-cafe Communa


Prices – 7 am – 12 pm :

1. first hour – 32 UAH
2. 15 min – 8 UAH
3. Next hours – 20 UAH
Location: Galitskaya St., 1, 2nd floor (Rynok sqr), Lviv

Working hours – 7 am – 12 pm

Contact telephone number – 098 759 18 73

Email –

COMMUNA – space where everything is included. You can rent a meeting room for up to 60 people. Coworking has installed computers and a high-speed wired and wireless Internet. There are also plenty of “bunches” to relax like a kicker, board games, and more.

Advantages: optimal location in the very center of the city, extremely low prices for work, especially short-termed, close to all of the catering facilities and transport interchanges, access to all of the events, wired Internet.

Disadvantages: no round-the-clock schedule, no possibility to rent a private room, relatively noisy, a large stream of people, technology-oriented meetups.


Startup Depot Coworking Space and Business Incubator



Freelancer – 1599 UAH per month (openspace)
Company – 1799 UAH per month (private room)
Startup – price negotiable

Location – Vesnyana str. 4, Lviv (lateral street from Zamarstynivska-Lipinsky)

Working hours – 24/7

Contact telephone number – +38 (096) 832 44 60

Email –

Startup Depot – a unique combination of coworking and business incubator, which aims to connect people from different industries and startup community for the sake of their synergy into new ideas and projects. As an incubator, the main task is to build the ecosystems of product makers and promote the city as a technological hub.

Advantages: the only coworking and business incubator, which is an IT Arena co-organizer – the largest technology conference in Eastern Europe for more than two thousand participants, the curator of the startup-stream at this conference, international and unique events in Lviv such as a Startup Crash Test, Startup Lab and Student Startup School – a project organized together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland, which takes place annually in two universities: LNU and Lviv Polytechnic, the best transport connection – trams, trolleybuses and buses to the city center, other areas and suburbs of the city, guarded bicycle and auto parking.

What is more interesting, Startup Depot organizes its own product training curriculum and senior management marketing programs. These courses, in particular, are designed for the residents in order to deepen their skills in these areas.

Product School is a practical course that will teach you how to create IT products: solving customer problems; working in a team; the processes of developing and launching the product on the market.

The audience of the project – startups founders, product managers with more than one year experience, heads of business, technical and design departments.

DMS is a digital marketing school for IT industry professionals. The program is designed to study and formulate a marketing strategy, work on analytics and work with related tools.

The audience of the project – marketers from a product or outsourcing IT companies, startups CEOs and founders. More than one year experience required.

Disadvantages: far away from the city center (20 minutes on foot), the building is being redesigned and repairs are being done, long time to arrive at the main railway station or airport.
Choose a place to work as accurately as possible, because your performance depends on it.