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What to do after quarantine?

The whole country went into self-isolation regime three months ago. This situation gave me the opportunity to work in my pajamas.

And at first it seemed even cool:

🛌 I could sleep longer, saving time on getting to work;
⏰ Breaks at least every hour;
🥣 There is a refrigerator nearby, so you can eat at work.

On the other hand, I managed to go through four phases of “antisocial” quarantine:

1. Denial and anger. A sharp lack of social life, common “smoking breaks” and the banal morning “Hello, how are you?” from colleagues.
2. Compromise. Skype calls, zooms, remote work meetings and so on.
3. Acceptance. Getting used to the home regime and awakening of the inner introvert. Here home routine and comfort prevail completely, beginning to have control over us.
4. Anger and depression. This is when the ego has rested enough. It is waiting to be allowed to go out in society, hug friends, drink coffee at lunch with colleagues and laugh not at the computer monitor, but to share emotions with someone.

And here is the long-awaited moment, quarantine restrictions were relaxed, and you can leave the house.

What to do? Where to go?

First of all, I’ll go to work in my favorite cafe. Here I can drink coffee, save time for cooking dinner, and enjoy the cozy interior. Overall, it is a good option, and a favorite barista plays the role of society. On the other hand, unfortunately, you can’t work in the silence you’re used to or make an important call.

Should you go to work in the office 🏢?

You can rent an office, arrange it comfortably. A rented separate office will cost a fortune.
And the office in the company has its own rules: working day from 9:00 to 18:00, lunch break only from 13:00 to 14:00. And you must obey the laws of the office.
I do not like to obey.

So where can you work now?

If you need society and silence at the same time, a beautiful and comfortable but not very expensive office, flexible schedule and the ability to be closer to nature, here is my ideal option – coworking 🤝.

The first advantage of coworking – We are better together.
It is impossible here not to communicate with other residents.

Coworking members form community where they meet like-minded people, colleagues, business partners or just friends.

The next advantage is flexibility. The world is changing very fast. Here you can rent a place for a day, month or year, and sometimes even hourly.

Depending on your needs, you can rent a place in the open space or a separate office, rooms for Skype calls or negotiations. At the same time, even if you rent an office in coworking, you have the opportunity not to break away from “society”.

The third advantage is inspiration. The atmosphere of coworking stimulates to work. The design and interior of the coworking space are designed to inspire and help.

💻 Open spaces are filled with working atmosphere, peace and quiet;
🍽 The kitchen is a place of high energy, where someone definitely wants something “delicious”;
🧘🏻‍♀️ Courtyard and lounge areas – you can breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the freedom here.

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