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Hot summer is traditionally the holiday season. 

The world is becoming more global every year. Holidays are not limited to hot seasons, and you can work remotely from anywhere in the world. At the same time, regardless of the weather, work requires your attention and time 😉

Have you ever wondered how efficiently we are able to work in the hot months?

On hot days, work processes are delayed, we seek more frequent breaks. We want to communicate with our friends outdoors instead of working in an office.

And there are good reasons for this.

Rising temperatures have a negative effect on human brain activity. The temperature of 20-22 degrees Celsius is considered to be comfortable for work, and each subsequent degree reduces productivity by 2%. In 1994, Gerald Chlor, a researcher on the influence of external factors on mental processes, found that good summer weather disorients and reduces a person’s ability to concentrate.

Moreover, in the summer there is a pleasant alternative to office life: walks in the park or barbecue with friends.

So, what should you do if you still need to work, but warm summer days still entice you to go for a walk with your friends?

Our tips:

Take your vacation planning seriously. Set real deadlines and conditions under which the vacation of your dream becomes real.

Create comfortable working conditions. Air conditioning, ventilation, fans – use everything that will help you avoid suffocation in the office. Fresh air is very important during this period.

On hot days, you can often meet freelancers with laptops on park benches or summer terraces of cafes. Everyone at this time wants to be closer to nature and breathe fresh air.

A good advantage in summer is the terrace in business centers or hubs. In Startup Depot you can work in the courtyard area. You can arrange a workplace at a table in the open air or come up with a new startup when drinking a cup of coffee on a bench.

There is even a hammock here, which we consider a very cool workplace in the summer. You will not want to get up from it at all, and therefore you won`t be distracted.

Excellent Wi-Fi coverage will ensure your stable work. Sockets and lighting on the territory will allow you to work in the evening.

The possibilities of the courtyard are not limited to this. Without leaving the city you can organize a barbecue and relax after work. A little relaxation will not hurt, but on the contrary will increase team spirit and motivation. Moreover, according to a study of Laura Vanderkam (author of several books about time and productivity management), it was proven that such a short and frequent vacation is more effective than monthly vacations.

So, we invite you to work effectively (and relax) with us.

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